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7 Things That Can Lead to “Had i Known”, Stop it Now or Regret Later in Future

If you fall under any category in the list below, then you'll regret later in the future. The category below are things you need to stop doing and do the right to so that you won't regret later. “Had I Known” is a statement of which people use when they regret their actions in their youth age. 

Checkout our list below in case you which to know about the regrettable things you might be doing now that can lead to “Had I known”. 

1. Smoking

If you're the type that smoke, know that you'll regret it later in the future. Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Smoking also increases risk for tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, and problems of the immune system, including rheumatoid arthritis.

— So stop it if you're a smoker. So it won't lead to Had I known. 

2. You Masturbate

Masturbating is an act of evil, don't masturbate any more. Masturbating a lot can cause low $pam count. Please stay away from it. 

3. Heart Breaker

Are you the type who is happy breaking your partner heart in every relationship? If yes, then stop it now some of girls you broke their heart might attack you in the future and anything can happen. 

4. You Don't Plan For Your Future

Are you the type that don't plan for future? If yes, then start planning now and work towards it. You can't be living your life as if there's NO tomorrow, plan for your future if you want to have a better future. Don't make plans alone, you need to work for it.

5. Telling People Your Dreams

Don't join those that tell people their dreams. It's your dreams, remember you need to work for your dreams and succeed, then people will congratulate you when they see that you've succeeded. Don't tell people your dreams or plans, some people you trust can be an obstacle in your life. 

Your dreams and goals are your secrets to success, when you succeeds and accomplish them, then you can celebrate your success with your friends and families. 

6. Don't Join Cult

Joining cult is now of the popular things in Nigeria that leads to earlier grave. If you join bad gang, or cult, then you'll regret later. In fact, it's possible that there won't be a room for regrets, because there's NO regrets when you are dead. So stay away from it if you are planning for better future. 

7. Abortions 

Don't impregnate girls you know that you can't marry? God is not happy with you when you abort a pregnant. If you don't want to see the wrath of God, please stop it now. 


Thanks for taking your time to read, if you fall under any category above please stop it before it's too late. 

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