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5 Things that Hurt the Heart

Get the Heart Facts

You know your ticker will suffer from a poor diet or too little exercise. But you might not be aware of certain sneaky causes of cardiac diseases. Some of these are important, and intelligent measures are necessary to keep you safe.

Traffic Delays

Anyone who has ever caught in the traffic of bumper to bumper would say that it's frustrating. This is maybe why the study spends a single hour in traffic and is likely to suffer a heart attack. High levels of noise – as you hear on a highway – are also associated with heart disease. If in rush hour, you can not stop driving by listening to music, you squash stress. Or share your passenger's ride and talk.

Early Menopause

If you're a woman and you go before you turn 46, you may be twice as likely to be in a heart attack or stroke as those who go through it later. An estrogen decrease, a ticker-friendly hormone, may play a role. Ask your doctor about the risk factors (like elevated cholesterol) of cardiac disease.


mature man snoring

See your doctor if your partner is complaining that you snore regularly or sound like you are slurring in sleep. You may have a critical disorder known as apnea. It can happen if your airway is partly blocked and your breathing can take a break. High blood pressure, pulse, strokes, and heart failure are related to the condition. Treatments will also make it easier to breathe and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Not Getting Good Sleep

You increase the risk of higher blood pressure and cholesterol when you regularly have less than 6 hours of shut-eye a night. It increases the chances of obesity (both can affect your heart) and diabetes. You must not sleep through the day, that does not mean. It improves the likelihood of having diabetes and having a stroke — essential factors for heart disease — when you spend over nine hours horizontally daily. Honey, body, and heart – strive for a night of slumber from 7 to 9 hours.

An Unhappy Marriage

unhappy couple in counseling

A healthy match is good for your heart. According to a new report from the University of Michigan, elderly adults who are comfortable in their unions are at lower risk for heart disease than those who are not. The possible reason? Stress. Stress. You will be stressed to make poor food decisions and to do other things, including drinking too much alcohol, that can damage your ticker. In addition, stress hormones can adversely affect the heart. Consider seeing a couple therapist or cleric together, if you are not satisfied with your marriage.


woman alone at home

It hampers depression and helps you stay active while you spend time with loved ones. Lonely people can have heart disease more often. If you're not close to your family or friends, get acquainted or foster a dog or cat by supporting someone in need. Volunteers and dog owners may also benefit from improved heart health and live longer.

Belly Fat

Any extra weight is difficult on your heart, but it is particularly dangerous around your middle. It can cause the body to create hormones and chemical products that can increase blood pressure and have a harmful effect on blood vessels and cholesterol levels. Speak to your doctor about a diet and exercise schedule if you are a woman with a tail greater than 35 inches or 40 inches if you are a male. Research demonstrates that yoga and fast blasts of exercise of high intensity are perfect ways to whip the center.

Too Much Exercise All at Once

exhausted runner

Fitness for your heart is perfect. But if you're out of shape or only sometimes work out, start building your stamina slowly. It can put you at risk for heart disease and other complications, research shows. If you exercise too long or hard. Don't you know what's safe? Starting with a gentle walking exercise. Speak to your doctor and consider using an ear monitor during your exercise if you have a high risk of heart disease.

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