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Know your days of fertility, Days you can and cannot get pregnant and ways to protect yourself.

Every Woman should be able to know when her period starts and when it will end. It will enable you to determine your days of fertility and ovulation and know when and when not you can get pregnant.

It's very important for every woman so as to be able to decide when she wants to take in.

From the above picture, the boxes that are fully colored pink (11th to 16th) are the days of a lady's period then like after 5 to 7 days, the lady will be free before her fertility window.

The days with the little pink dots are her days of fertility which starts from 22nd and ends on 28th. In these days, she has a medium and high chance of getting pregnant.

But look at the pink dot with different design, that is on the 27th, it's her ovulation day and she has a high chance of getting pregnant.

But the other days without any dots, that's the days that are plainly white, the lady has a low chance of getting pregnant.

You can track your period like this with the same days interval. Every lady deserves to know herself like she knows the back of her palm.

I hope this was helpful.

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