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10 disease guava leaf can cure within 2 days

Health Benefits of Guava

The traditional adage says, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” in Europe and America. Given the plentiful benefits of guava, the phrase can be probably changed to “a few guavas in the season keep the doctor away for the whole year,” in their native tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Let us look at the most important health benefits of this tropical fruit.Antioxidant Properties

The naturally high content of vitamin C in guavas, four times higher than that found in oranges helps boost the immune system. According to a study published in the Food ChemistryJournal, the antioxidants in the fruit help defend the body against the proliferation of free radicals, which are one of the main causes of serious health issues. 

Controls Diabetes

The intake of guava can also help patients suffering from diabetes. It contains a high level of dietary fiber, which has a beneficial effect on lowering blood glucose levels in the body. According to recent studies published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, animal models have shown that consuming guavas may help prevent the risk of type-2 diabetes.  However, more research is needed to confirm the entire scope of its benefits.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Research published in theAmericanJournalofCardiologyfound that guava helped reduce LDL cholesterol level and blood pressure in study participants. The fruit, being very rich in fiber and hypoglycemic in nature, was also beneficial in helping to reduce blood pressure.Improves Thyroid Health

Guava is a good source of copper, a mineral important for regulating metabolism by helping to control hormone production and absorption. The thyroid hormones play a significant role in energy regulation and metabolism in the body.

Fights Scurvy

Guavas contain 4 times more vitamin C than oranges. According to a 2003 study published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, the deficiency of vitamin C can cause scurvy; the only known remedy for this dangerous disease is an adequate intake of vitamin C. 

Eliminates Diarrhea & Dysentery

Guava has properties that are thought to help against a number of digestive disorder like diarrhea and dysentery. 

 Whether you chew on its leaves or eat the raw fruit, the astringent qualities add substance to loose bowels and reduce the symptoms of diarrhea. These astringents are alkaline in nature and have disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties, thus helping against dysentery by inhibiting microbial growth and removing extra mucus from the intestines. Furthermore, other nutrients such as vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium, strengthen the digestive system while simultaneously disinfecting it. The fruit is also beneficial in the case of gastroenteritis for similar reasons to those stated above.

Relieves Constipation

Guava is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber amongst fruits, and its seeds serve as excellent laxatives. 

These two properties helps in the formation of healthy bowel movement, aid in retaining water in the body and keep your intestinal tract in top-notch health. It is said that constipation can lead to 72 different types of ailments, so any dietary source to relieve constipation is certainly beneficial! Your overall health is affected undeniably by proper digestion, and more importantly, by proper excretion. Frequent consumption of this delicious fruit can ensure both.

Stimulates Cognitive Function

Another tremendous benefit of guava is the presence of B vitamins, B3 and B6. Vitamin B3 can increase blood flow and stimulates cognitive function, whereas vitamin B6 is a nutrient  correlated with brain and nerve function.

Relief from Cough and Cold

Research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology on the anti-cough and antimicrobial activities of guava leaf extract, states that it is very helpful in providing relief from cold and cough. 

Juice of raw and immature guavas, or a decoction of its leaves, is very helpful in relieving coughs and colds by reducing mucus, disinfecting the respiratory tract, throat, and lungs, and inhibiting microbial activity with its astringent properties.

Guava is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and iron among fruits – both of which are nutrients effective in preventing or lessening colds and viral infections. In some areas of India, the ripened fruit is roasted and used as a remedy against extreme cases of a cough, cold, and congestion. The ripe fruit should be avoided by people who are suffering from cough and cold, as it can exacerbate the problem. Also, avoid drinking water immediately after eating the fruit as it can lead to a sore throat.

Reduces Menstrual Cramps

 Research shows that guava leaf extract is likely to reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps. A studypublished in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology examined 197 women who experienced painful symptoms. Upon taking 6 mg of guava leaf extract on a daily basis, it was observed that there was a stark reduction in the intensity of the pain. The study concluded that in many ways, the extract turned out to be more powerful and helpful than normal painkillers.

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