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Types of Cough and what they might mean

Cough is a defensive reflex by the body to help protect itself from some irritants like smoke, mucus, and allergens such as mold, pollen, and even dust. A cough can be a symptom or sign of different health conditions or illnesses. 

Here are some common coughs you should know about:

a) Dry cough: 

There's actually no way to classify or identify a dry cough same also as a wet cough that we will be talking about next. Your dry cough might happen to me like a wet cough but in general, a dry cough happens when you are coughing but nothing is coming out.

There are many things that can cause dry coughs such as being indoors all day with dry air, allergies, or even irritation that happened in your throat. 

In general, a dry cough can feel like you are having a tickle, dryness, or even a tightness around your chest while coughing and this comes with no phlegm. If you experience a dirty cough for more than three weeks, you might need to see your doctor.

b) wet cough:

This is also known as a productive cough because this cough comes out with mucus. Wet cough like its name depicts is when your body is trying to push mucus out of your system. 

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A wet cough always makes one feel like there's something dripping in your chest or at the back of your throat or that something is stuck there. Some of the coughs can actually bring mucus to your mouth. Wet coughs can actually be acute or chronic and may last for less than three weeks or up to 8 weeks depending on the cause.

3) Barking Cough

The barking cough may sound like a barking seal and it is usually caused by an inflammation of the upper airways. This can also be referred to as croup cough. Croup is a type of infection that can cause difficulty in breathing as it can cause swelling around the trachea, the bronchial tubes, and also the larynx. 

Most patients will recover from croup easily at home without visiting the hospitals but in a more serious case.

4) Whooping cough

This is a violent type of cough that will cause the lungs to expel so much energy and oxygen that you have to whoop or even asp in between the coughs. It is actually a characteristic of a bacteria infection normally known as pertussis but then other conditions like pneumonia, emphysema, severe asthma attack, tuberculosis can actually cause this type of cough. This type of cough is very serious that you might need to run an examination with your doctor. Also, a vaccine for this cough also exists.

5) Serious coughs:

Some type of cough requires urgent medical attention and also may signify a serious problem. Some of the signs that should tell you cough is serious include:

Bloody phlegm or mucus

Cough that lasts more than one week

Whooping or wheezing sounds when coughing

Blue skin or pale skin which might mean a lack of oxygen

Persistent and serious cough that interferes with one's sleep

Persistent or high fever

Frothy pink phlegm

While these symptoms and signs above do not mean you are suffering from a serious or severe illness, it is still advised you check them out because they might accompany a condition that can be life-threatening. Visiting the hospital for proper checkups and examinations will help identify and eliminate these conditions.

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