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5 foods that could be harmful to your body when eaten raw.

There are foods that can be eaten raw and they are also foods that should never be eaten raw. Foods like potato, cassava and eggs should never be eaten raw because they could harm you. These foods need to be properly cooked in order to make it good for consumption. I will share foods that you should never be eaten raw.

Below are the foods .

1. Bitter Almonds.

Bitter almonds should never be eaten raw because they contain an harmful substance called hydrogen cyanide. Regular consumption of bitter almonds could cause tiredness, lightheadedness and stomach disorders.

2. Green Potatoes.

Green potatoes contain an high amount of solanine, a toxic compound which could harm you. Headache, Stomach pain and other health conditions may occur when you keep consuming green potatoes raw.

3. Cassava.

Some people usually eat cassava raw after harvesting it from their farms. When you consume cassava raw, it will turn into a dangerous compound (hydrogen cyanide) in your stomach. This compound can reduce oxygen circulation and make breathing difficult. Please always cook your cassava properly before eating.

4. Eggs.

When you consume raw eggs, you are increasing your risk of having food poisoning. This is because raw eggs contain could give you salmonella thereby causing diarrhea, vomiting and bloody stools.

5. Unpasteurized milk

This type of milk is not good because it contains some harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. These bacteria could affect you negatively thereby making you fall sick. Never drink raw or unpasteurized milk always go for purified milk (pasteurized milk).

Please never eat these foods raw.

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Bitter Almonds Green Potatoes


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