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5 common bad habits that contributes to kidney disease

We're all guilty of poor behaviors now and again. After all, we're just human! We also make every effort to avoid harmful habits. But what about the ones we aren't aware are harmful? When it comes to maintaining the health of our kidneys, we sometimes ignore seemingly harmless practices. Is it possible that you are causing injury to your kidneys without realizing it?

Doctors have compiled a list of common habits that contribute to the development of kidney disease.

This article presents a list of these habits with reference to;

1. Often, take painkillers for various reasons (headache, back pain, joint pain, etc.).

Studies show that frequent use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, analgin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, etc.) causes serious damage to the kidneys.

2. Add too much salt to food.

Salt retains fluid in the body, which overloads the kidneys. Also, an increase in the amount of fluid in the body causes a rise in blood pressure. High blood pressure is very serious damage to kidney health.

3. Eat lots of meat.

Consumption of large amounts of animal protein leads to overload of the kidneys, which increases the risk of kidney disease.

4. Do not drink water

People are constantly drinking tea, coffee, juice and so on. If you do not drink plain water, it is very harmful to the kidneys.

5. Go to bed late and wake up early

Normal sleep is very important for kidney health. If a person sleeps less than 7 hours a day, it causes serious damage to his kidneys.  

(Reference -,(sodium)%20on%20your%20food.)

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