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How I got engaged to a native Doctor(fiction)

Take a look at what happened when I visited my girlfriend and found out she is a native doctor.

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for two years now but each time I try to visit her she will refuse. She has not allowed me to know where she leaves until the day I traced her home. 

One day I invited her to my house and she honored the invitation, we spent quality time together and a lot of things happened, but that will be a story for another day. 

After we have spent enough time together, it was evening so left, but I followed her without her notice because I've been worried why she doesn't want me to know where she lives. So I followed her until she entered her compound and I went back. 

One day I decided to pay her a surprise visit. I dressed up very fine and I went to buy an expensive engagement ring because I wanted to propose to her that day. When I got to her compound, the place looked like a shrine, I didn't see it the day I traced her hoke because it was dark. 

I saw goats and chickens tied all over the compound and people roasting slaughtered goats, I asked of her, I was told to wait for my turn. I became confused, but I waited. 

When they called me to go and see her, I went in, behold my girlfriend is the native doctor that is preparing charms of yahoo boys. I was so disappointed, and fear gripped my heart, she didn't let me say anything, she said that the gods told her that I have come to propose to her, I denied it, she said I should bring out the ring or I go mad, my heart failed me, I peed 20 times on my body, out of fear, I brought out the ring and proposed to her and she took the ring and placed it on the Oracle before putting it in her finger. 

I managed to leave the compound, immediately I got home, she sent me a text that our wedding will be in two weeks time and I should get prepared. 

I'm so confused now, I can not marry a native doctor, what should I do now? 

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