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4 Benefits of Drinking Guava Leaf Tea

Research has continued to figure out a lot of thing about nature. Some of which we were still ignorant about. Guava is a common fruit in which all of us have had a taste of. It is delicious either when Ripened or not.

Guava fruit has a lot of benefits to the body and a lot of people already know about these benefits but what many don't know is that even it's leaves also has a lot of benefits that are still unknown to many.

According to, these are some of the research found benefits of guava leaf which a lot of people are still ignorant about.

1. It could have control blood sugar

Studies show that the extract which is gotten from guava leaf could help in the control of blood sugar. Although it will not rapidly reduce or increase it, it keeps it at a more stable position.

This is because drinking guava leaf tea helps in enhancing insulin resistance thereby making the body strong enough to digest it's own sugar.

2. May boost heart health

Studies also found that taking guava leaf tea could also help in improving heart health. This is because of the high level of vitamins and Antioxidants that help in protecting the heart against free radicals.

3. May help digestive tracts

Taking either guava leaf tea or guava itself helps in preventing and reducing conditions such as constipation and diarrhea which are the two major disturbance of digestive tracts.

4. May help reduce menstruation pain

Drinking Guava Leaf tea helps in reducing the cramps which women face during menstruation. It serves the purpose of a powerful pain killer in women during this stage.


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