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How adult movies shrink your brain

There has been an astronomical rise in the number of people who use adult movies in recent years. This also gave rise to an increased number of those addicted to adult, globally. It will interest you to know that 37% of the web is adult movies!

The emergence of the Internet and the rise in popularity of smartphones has led to the increased accessibility of sexual content. It is safe to say that adult movies has become a menace on the Internet.

Research by (Kim et al, 2017) shows that the brain is motivated to seek reward through multiple neurotransmitters, the most prominent being dopamine(DA). When addiction takes hold, the brain is rewired to crave the particular behavior instead of natural rewards.

Adult movie is an exaggerated form of natural sexual intercourse and as such, the brain releases more dopamine which is a pleasure relaying neurotransmitter than it would in natural sex.

Researchers have discovered that the most affected part of the brain by Adult movie addiction, is the prefrontal cortex. This is because It shrinks the size of the gray matter.

The prefrontal cortex gray matter is inclined to planning complex behaviours, decision making, and self-control. Adult movie addicts experience deficiency in these aspects. Adult movie users may find it difficult quitting because they might have lost many synapses in the cortical area of the prefrontal cortex associated with self-control due to loss in volume of the brain.

People who are addicted to Adult movie always participate in comfortable and pleasurable choices of life instead of the important and beneficial choices ultimately making them mediocre.

The size of the gray matter of the prefrontal cortex gets smaller each time Adult movie is used. This should be a very good reason for adult movie users to stop. It is not just a psychological problem, it is now physiological and which may lead to severe consequences.

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