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See ewedu's real name and the several health benefits it has.

Youruba is the tribe known to be the lovers of Amala and this morning @Omokehinde__ educated us on the real name of "ewedu" which best goes for amala, he said it is called Saluyot. But this time he did not shade us the way he does but rather told us the advantages of taking it as seen below;

1. It has low calorie therefore, good for weight loss.

2. It help stand as a body soldier because it help strengthen the immune system that help the body fight against diseases.

3. It help heal several types of aches.

4. The green leaves help with eye sight because it has beta-carotene.

5. It has iron that help the red blood cells, calcium for the bone and teeth, vitamin c for smooth clear skin and many more.

Next time you see a yoruba man placing order for amala and ewedu, don't question him instead change your order to ewedu as well so you can live a healthy life.

Let's know in the comment section if you love to take ewedu. Like and share so others can be aware of the advantages.

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