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5 Foods With High Trans Fat Content You Should Avoid For The Sake Of Your Heart

Many times, our lifestyle choices including our intake of certain foods can be a major difference in whether we would have certain health challenges or not. While the excessive consumption of any food is not good for the body, particular emphasis is always placed on some foods whose consumption have come to be associated with some of the most serious health challenges known to humans, with people often advised to avoid such foods as much as possible.

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A prime example of such foods are foods with high trans fat contents. Trans fats are a form of unsaturated fat which could be in natural forms or artificial forms. The natural forms of trans fats are considered healthy and can be derived in moderate amounts from meat and dairy products. However, the same cannot be said of the artificial forms of trans fats which are often formed through an industrial process that adds hydrogen to vegetable oil.

The addition of hydrogen to the vegetable oil would cause the oil to solidify at room temperature, thus making it less likely to spoil and foods made with it would preserve for a long time. However, that is the greatest benefit of trans fats as the consumption of foods containing them in high amounts is linked to a few of the most serious health challenges including inflammation-induced conditions such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and arthritis.

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Trans fats are particularly bad for the heart as they often increase the "bad" LDL cholesterol levels and lower the "good" HDL cholesterol, meaning the more trans fat you eat, the greater your risk of heart and blood vessel disease. This is because if the fatty deposits formed within your arteries tear or become ruptured due to increased levels of "bad" cholesterol, a blood clot may form, which can block the flow of blood to certain parts of your heart, causing a heart attack; or to a part of your brain, causing a stroke.

It is, therefore, advisable that you completely avoid the intake of certain foods with high trans fat content. But, if you can't do away with such foods, it's best to watch how frequently you consume them for the sake of your heart. A few examples of such foods are highlighted below:

1. Baked goods, such as cakes, cookies and pies

2. Microwave popcorn

3. Frozen pizza

4. Refrigerated dough, such as biscuits and rolls

5. Fried foods, including french fries, doughnuts and fried chicken

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