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5 benefits of Reading you should know.

In recent times, the reading culture among the populace is fast declining. People now spend more time on other activities leaving them with little or no time to read through a page or two daily and this has not only caused long term psychological issues but has also rendered a lot of people ineffective in their daily life.

Reading is not only to be attached or taken serious for academic necessity or taking exams but should be inculcated as a daily habit because reading is not only beneficial but therapeutic as it helps you get the best out of your life. Here are some important benefits of reading.

It boost your Imaginative ability

Imagination is said to be the lowest level of knowledge but without imagination we wouldn't have had great inventions we had today because it is the mental framework or foundation upon which any innovation is built.

Even the rare gem in the world of physics, Professor Albert Einstein implied the necessity of having a good imaginative ability by once saying "Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere"

Reading sharpens your imaginative ability and here is how it works; say, you're reading a book about the old City of Atlantis, as you read and get immersed into its content you'll start to imagine the descriptions given by the book on its characters, places, events and so on and this unconsciously boosts your imaginative ability in the real world.

Most high paying jobs today like programming and engineering requires individuals with sound imaginative abilities, why not bank on this skill to have a competitive edge?

It increases your brain power

Thats right! Reading strengthens the muscles of your brain thereby increasing your mental strength. Imagine what happens to a muscle when you train and exercise it regularly; of course, it gets stronger and able to perform its functions more efficiently.

Reading is one the best exercises to boost mental health, increase problem-solving ability and aptitude to learn more things.

It keeps you Informed

As simple as the above statement may seem, it's one of the interesting benefits of reading. The rate at which information flows in the world very high and when there is a broad lag or difference between our reading culture and the information flow we become outdated.

For this reason, it is important to read inorder to be informed about things, events and happenings in our economic, political and social environment.

What makes a man local is not the area he lives or his family background, it's the level of information he has at his fingertips. Reading can make gods out of mere men and if you check well, the difference between the rich and the poor is the level of information at their disposal; the rich keeps himself informed and tries to understand his creative edge in the environment he finds himself while the poor does not. In conclusion, a strong reading culture can directly or indirectly earn you a fortune.

Psychological and health benefits

Who doesn't get tired after a long day? Apparently no one doesn't. After a long day, we all need to get adequate sleep to get prepared for the next day but sometimes, due to much stress even sleeping becomes difficult; but here's the good news, do you know that reading a few pages of an interesting book can guarantee you ease in sleeping and even a Sounder sleep? 

According to a 2009 study by the university of Sussex reading for just 6 minutes can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. Also, Dr Lewis, a cognitive neuropsychologist said " Losing yourself to a book is the ultimate relaxation"

Research suggests that people who keep their brains active by reading or playing mentally challenging games are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzhwmy disease than those who do not. Should I go on? Well let's just stop here.

Improves general knowledge

If you want to be versatile and capable of holding conversation on a variety of topics, you need to be a reader. A person who reads well and not necessarily books about his field of study is much likely to pick tidbits of information that might be useful one day.

In addition, well-read people are smart, attractive, speak fluently and are most times good to have conversations with.

Besides, reading equips you with the knowledge that can help you deal with real world problems or challenges.


If this article seems informative, Like, add more benefits you feel I didn't include and share it with your friends and family. Stay healthy!

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