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It won't be fair, if i don't share this sore throat remedy with you, it worked for me 100%.

It won't be fair,if i dont share this sore throat remedy with my everyday readers.Because i once suffered from it.It can be so painful if left untreated quickly.

Sore throat is siimply a sore at the back of the throat.It is caused by bacteria, that found it way into the mouth, either through food, fruits, water and those that sleeps with their mouth wide opened.

Sore throat when not quickly taken care of, it can lead to severe malaria, serious cold, salivating, from the mouth, just because you can't swallow due to the sore at the throat.

To gargle with warm salt water is good, but it can only soothe the pain briefly.The three below tablets can actually take care of the sore throat quickly !

1)Ibrufen.(1 per day,for 3 days).

2) Riboflavin (2 each, 2 times per day, for 3 days).

3) paracetamol,(optional).

Children can also use to treat sore throat,but it has to be 1/2 (half) ibrufen per day.The others remain as above..

Many people around me ,used this remedy to treat sore throat effectively without no side effects. Don't wait,til it becomes severe, this is a sure cure (100%).

Share this article, it maybe useful one day.

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