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Warning: See The Amount Of Mercury That Catfish Contains, Which Makes it Unsafe For Consumption.

Up till now Some people aren't aware of the consequences of eating (farmed) catfish. In my last article, I highlighted the dangers associated with the frequent Consumption of catfish. Now in this article I am going to focus on the toxic aspect of it, which is about its Mercury level. For you to get the best out this article read till the end.

Mercury, according to its meaning is a highly poisonous silver liquid which when consumed has a lot of health risks associated with it.

Now over to the farmed Fishes, their feed formulation very is very much not health wise. Series of chemicals are used to make their feed and those chemicals cannot be flushed away by their system. That's why when we eat such a fish it directly decomposes its Mercury contents in our own body system.

Now take a good look at the pictures below and carefully examine the Mercury Contents of the most common fishes that we tend to be Consuming on a daily basis.

From the above chart you can see that catfish is among the low level Mercury carriers with the quantity of 0.25ppm Mercury, yet Mercury is veey toxic no matter how little it is.

Please, Even if you are a lover of catfish cut down on Consumption and secure your health.

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