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Here Are 2 Medical Conditions One Can Face When Pork Is Consumed In Excess

Pork is the meat from pigs. Very tasty to the tongue when prepared well but do you know your health can be put at risk when you eat too much of it. Read on to find out. 

Source: 9jafoodie

Inasmuch as this kind of meat is a very delicious one, there are medical conditions capable of arising when much of it is introduced into the body system. Pigs are animals known for 2 things, their fatty nature and their love for places and things that are unclean.

High blood cholesterol

Pork as a result of it's high fat content would elevate the body bad cholesterol levels. Elevated blood cholesterol levels puts the culprit in a risk of several heart diseases. Atherosclerosis occurs as a result of plague inbuilt in the vessels of blood. This condition often alters the flow of blood at a times blocks it entirely which would lead to infarction or stroke when a part of the brain is involved. All these can be avoided by curtailing the rate at which we consume foods that are high in cholesterol levels. 


The second attribute of pigs which is their inherent and undying love for places that are unclean makes them potential vectors of organisms known as roundworms. These organisms are often found in dirty foods and are dependent on the intestine of a host for survival and procreation. When pigs eat foods which are most usually than not infected by these organisms, the organisms would reside in their intestines, some on their skin as a virtue of the kind of place they enjoy being. When meats from such animals are not well heated up enough to kill these organisms, it is most likely that those who consume it would also get infected. 

Results of this condition include nausea, abdominal cramps or even intestinal obstruction in most extreme conditions. 

The bottom line is, curtail the rate at which you eat pork if you can't prepare it yourself. When you prepare it yourself, ensure to heat it for a long time and do not use tenderizers that would lessen the cooking time making it less exposed to heat. 

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