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Effects of high body sugar levels on the penis

High sugar levels in the body for a long period of time can cause cause sexual dysfunction in men.

People with high blood sugar levels are said to be diabetic.

According to, below are the major effects of high blood sugar(diabetes) on the penis.

1) Erectile dysfunction

This is also called impotence. It is when you are unable to maintain an erection.

High sugar levels tend to damage blood vessels thereby reducing blood flow to sexual organs. This causes loss of sensation and feelings hence, making arousals difficult in men.

2) Thrush

This is a fungal infection. When there is a high level of sugar in your urine, microorganisms begin to grow and multiply thereby leading to infections in the penis.

This infection causes severe itching of the penis.

3 urinary tract infections

High sugar sugar levels in urine provide a perfect breeding ground for the growth of bacterias. These bacterias can spread to the kidneys, and bladder causing infections(urinary tract infections).

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