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Stop Calling It 'Ewedu', See What It Is Called In English

Days ago i made a post on the right names for 'Ponmo', 'Kilishi' and 'Garri'.

Today i would be looking at 'Ewedu' as it's so called among Nigerians which is wrong.

"What is that green thing Yoruba people eat with Amala?"

It is called Saluyot, but we call it ewedu and it is our traditional recipe.

See some benefits of "Saluyot" below

It is good for weight loss because of its low calorific content and it helps strengthen the immune system, fights off stress and heart disease.

Saluyot is a folk remedy for aches and pains, dysentery, enteritis, fever, pectoral pains, and tumors.

This green, leafy vegetable is rich in beta-carotene for good eyesight, iron for healthy red blood cells ...One-half cup cooked Saluyot leaves contains: 1.3g protein, 0.3g fat, 3.1g carbohydrates, 0.4g fiber, 87.3mg calcium, 22.5mg phosphorous, 1.0mg iron, 0.02mg thiamine, 0.04mg riboflavin, 0.3mg niacin, and 10mg Ascorbic Acid or vitamin C. Saluyot has an antioxidant activity of 77%.

The Omega 3 in Ewedu helps improve the functions of the brain. It helps nerve impulse, and treat nerve tingling. So, eating it is strongly recommended for growing children to improve their brainpower.

So would you rather call it "Saluyot" the English way or go with "Ewedu" the traditional way???

Drop drop comments and thoughts below 👇

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