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Check These 7 Things Your Period Blood Color Is Saying About Your Health

Check These 7 Things Your Period Blood Color Is Saying About Your Health.

Periods is important things among females. So it's very important to know what your period blood looks like and what you do to make it look good. 

The following are the things your period blood is telling you.

1. Pink-ish color.

This type of blood colour signify low estrogen levels. This happens if you're an avid runner, also running and playing sports may leads to estrogen levels to drop.

2. Watery.

Having watery period blood means that you are either suffering nutrient-deficient or have ovarian cancer.

3. Dark brown.

This colour shows that some of the old blood in the body has been "sitting" inside the uterus for too long. This happens naturally but if it's getting too much try to consult your doctor.

4. Thick and looks like jam with clots.

This shows that you have low progesterone and high estrogen levels in the body. It's quite natural, it does not mean anything. But if the clots are getting large in size and there are many of them, this means that you have a hormonal imbalance in the body. It may also be that you have fibroids in your uterus.

5. Gray-reddish mix.

This means that you are pregnant or signal for an STD/STI infection. It may mean early miscarriage if you missed at least one of your periods.

6. Cranberry red color.

This means that your period is considered great and healthy. However, it may be normal for one person and may not be normal for another. So, try to be consulting your doctor regularly.

7. Orange.

This means that you may have an infection. But, a severe pains and bad odor will accompany this if it's an STD/STI infection.

These are the signs that your period blood may tell you about your health. But if all these signs are getting too much, try to consult your doctor.

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