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Extensive natural treatment and cure procedures for hepatitis B

Extensive natural treatment and cure procedures for hepatitis B

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver.The liver is a vital organ that processes nutrients, filters the blood, and fights infections.When the liver is inflamed or damaged,its function can be affected.Heavy alcohol and excess smoking,toxins, some medications,and certain medical conditions can cause hepatitis.If you have chronic hepatitis B,getting the right medical care can help you stay healthy.Taking good care of your liver is important.Talk with your doctor before you take any prescription medication, over the counter drugs, vitamins, or nutritional supplements to make sure they won’t hurt your liver.You should also stay away from alcohol, because drinking can damage your liver.My life totally changed when i contracted hepatitis.Hepatitis B is primarily spread when blood, semen, or certain other body fluids even in microscopic amounts from a person infected with the hepatitis B virus enters the body of someone who is not infected,let me tell you my story and experience,I started noticing that every part of my body felt strange,the same time I began to feel something pressing me all over my body.I slowly began to loss appetite also started having complications when going to the toilet and my urine was very brown.This continue for several weeks,I worked in a pharmaceutical company at Accra,I was one of the sales managers in the company.My work routine began to seem so difficult and small things irritated me.I treated myself from malaria,thinking it was malaria,but when i finish the malaria drugs it actually become worse.So i immediately went to the clinic for test and total body checkup.The doctor asked for a urinalysis test as well as blood test too,the doctor noticed how brown my urinalysis test was.The next morning the doctor called and gave me the bad news that i was hepatitis B positive,i started noticing i feel very weak and so tired most times,all my energy will suddenly vanish and i will feel very weak,and this went on,I felt I was fighting some unseen enemy that was bent on taking my live or make me useless.The uncertainty of not knowing when my strength will fail me always made so scared and this horrible experience made me so ashamed and down.Then my girlfriend traveled to Nigeria for a business trip,she was very worried about my condition too.In this trip she opened up to a friend about my condition,her friend recommended this products and gave her an agent number,she came back and told me about it,with much pleading and begging i decided that they was no harm in trying it.I called the agent and they delivered the product and i made payment,when i started taking the treatment after the first four weeks of using the drugs,i noticed my strength coming back to me.To cut the long story short before i finished the two months treatment i was cured and i thank God,click to continue

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