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How To Pray With Coconut; To Attract Wealth and Break Generational Curses.

So many person's are battling with failures, stagnations and Generational Curses. In this article i will be exposing how you can make use of coconut to unlock closed doors and break Generational Curses in order to protect your destiny.

Coconut can be gotten for 200-300 naira in the market, Purchase 1 coconut. Be sure it has water in it before buying.

First thing in the morning, do not talk to anyone,go outside your apartment, stand directly facing the sun. If you are on wigs, cap, attachment, scarfs etc remove them before then, make sure you are on your natural hair.

Smash the coconut (Smashing the coconut is symbolic to humbling oneself before God).

Tell God "Just as water enters the coconut in a mysterious way and no one can explain it, use the same mystery behind the coconut water to bring wealth to me and break every Generational curse standing against my progress"

Drink a little from the water, use the rest water to wash your head. Throw away the coconut. Have faith and you will begin to see doors opening for you.

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