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Drinking Of Sachet Water May Cause Cancer, Here Is The Reason (OPINION)

It is advised by medical experts to consume as much water as possible as it promotes optimal body functioning, promotes a glowing skin and helps prevent several diseases.

People do believe that sachet water, commonly known as ''pure water'' is the most suitable water fit for drinking.

This class of water is usually made to pass through UV rays where they are sterilized and bagged in a polyethylene sachet. Hence should be free of microbial and in other words fit for drinking.

However, the major danger attached to consumption of sachet water is that which is imposed by the polyethylene in which it is bagged.

Polyethylene materials often release or form carcinogenic (causing or tending to cause cancer) compounds when exposed to heat.

Now, in the case of our safest drinking water. They are packaged in the factory and distributed by the means of a vehicle ( usually unroofed) to the individual retailers where consumers now obtain it from.

In the course of these distributions, it is being heated by the sun thereby producing carcinogenic compounds which deposits in the water itself and when we drink, could lodge in our body and if not eliminated shall accumulate and cancer may result at the long run.

Although telling the general mass to avoid sachet water here in the tropics would be more of a futile than a fruitful approach but inasmuch as its consumption cannot be stopped, detoxification and cleansing are important in order to always flush away the toxic compounds and grant you a good health.

An example of natural detoxifier is ''Bitter kola''

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