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Is Eating Late at Night Bad or Good?

Eating late at night is the common habit of most Nigerian families, this is usually because one of the important family member came back really late at night.

Sometimes it is as a result of the food being prepared taking longer time than expected. Well according to a study made by, they stated that eating late at night is dangerous as it could cause obesity and other heart related conditions through this., on the other hand countered this study by stating that the time a food is eaten doesn't matter in terms of health. This is because the time you eat a food doesn't really determine whether you will suffer from any health condition.

But they also added that the only problem with eating late at night is

1. You have fewer options of healthier foods

At night, you have fewer options for healthy foods. You will only have to eat what you are given in order to fill your stomach and wait for the next day.

This is why you will consume more unhealthy fats leading to unhealthy size.

2. You will consume more food

According to, when you eat late at night, there are high chances that you will consume more calories than you used to, if you are earlier that night.

So the answer remains that it is unhealthy to eat late at night.


Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )



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