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Pregnancy period

My Period Lasts 2-3days. What does That Mean, Is It Normal?

Most women have periods that last around three to five days each month. But a period that last only two days, or goes on for seven days, is also considered normal. When you first start menstruating, it may take a while for your body to get things going smoothly and regularly. Your periods may not always last the same number if days, or be the same number of days apart. You might have a light flow one month and a heavy flow the next. Your periods and cycles will probably become much more regular as you get older. Many people have irregular periods of one time or another, or even throughout their lives.

There are a lot of other reasons why your menstrual cycle might be acting funny, including illness, stress, weight changes, medicine, and travel. If you had unprotected sex since your last period, or may have made a mistake with your birth control, pregnancy is possible.

When it's not possible to get a period if you're pregnant some light bleeding/spotting can happen. So if you're worried about pregnancy, the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. You can take a home pregnancy test, or get one from a nurse or doctor, like the ones at your local planned parenthood health center.

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