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Let's Be Careful About What We Eat Especially Tomatoes, See Reasons (Images)

In this part of the world, we can hardly do without consuming Tomatoes daily. However, it is important to look out for the rotten ones.

According to research, rotten tomatoes attack immune system because they contain microorganisms and this can cause immune deficiency, and at this point in time with the global spread of novel corona virus, it is important to ensure that we have good immune sysyem.

Tomatoes sellers carefully select the rotten tomatoes and sell them at cheaper price due to the state of economy of the country instead of disposing them as they pose serious health risk.

Excluding immune deficiency, here are lists of what rotten tomatoes can cause in your body as maggot infected tomatoes can harm you.

1. Cancer: National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has warned Nigeria to stop consuming spoilt tomatoes because they contain microorganism that induces cancer.

2. Food Poisoning: Many Nigerians are of the opinion that nothing can happen once the rotten tomatoes are thoroughly washed and cooked...forgetting the fact that no degree of heat can kill toxins and fungi infected tomatoes because they contain mycotoxins substance and these mycotoxins are heat resistant.

Have you ever wondered why you have running stomach/diarrhea after visiting fast food joints/ Mama put? This is most likely due to spoilt tomatoes used by them inorder to save cost. Are you also aware that this rotten tomatoes can damage your organs.

Lastly, other illness that are associated with spoilt tomatoes consumption are liver inflammation, stomach ulcer, diarrhea etc and they are life threatening. Please lets ensure that our immune system is strong right now in order to combat infection effectively without putting our lifes at risk. Health is wealth.

May we not spend the money for good tomatoes on deteriorating health conditions that could be averted. Kindly share to others for their safety.

Content created and supplied by: ChristieAdeyeni (via Opera News )

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