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Do These 3 Things When You Notice Tingling Pain in Your Hands and Legs

There are a lot of things that could lead to tingling in your hands and legs but a lot of people still find it hard to figure out what exactly causes some tingling in their hands and legs.

Tingling in your hands and legs could be a severe condition. If it is, there are high possibility that it could lead to amputation of that part of the body.

Well in this article, I am going to be talking about 3 things you should do when you notice tingling in your hands and legs.

1. Check your Blood Sugar

This should be the first thing you will check when you notice slight repeated Tingling in your hands and legs. According to studies, this is usually ranked as the chronic stage of diabetes whereby the body cannot heal its own wound.

On most occasions, these tingling or burning sensations are usually because of nerve damage which is caused as a result of blood sugar. When left for just a few weeks or even a month, it could lead to Diabetic ulcer in that part of the body.

This will then tend towards amputation of that affected area.

2. Soak it in Hot or warm Water

When you notice this tingling pains or burning sensations, try soaking your legs or hands into a hot or warm water. Remember this is after you have made sure that it is not diabetes.

Hot warm helps dissolve blood clotting which could be the cause of that tingling sensation. On some of occasions, there has been cases where it lead to amputation of the affected area

3. Visit your doctor

When you have checked the above two options and they are not the causes of these tingling sensation, try visiting the hospital. When you do this, engage in other medical test to make sure that it is not cancer or any other chronic health condition.

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