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Eating Very Late Is Dangerous And Can Kill You!

Eating late is very common nowadays and it has a dangerous effect on health...

Are you guilty of eating late nights foods? Because you have a tight or busy schedule, it only doesn't have effect on your body weight but the health of your HEART!

If you eat late and you're not unable to lose weight and you kept on gaining fat, it will lead to obesity and that will cause fats in your inner organs causing slow flow of blood to the heart and you know what that easily means low heart functioning.

Eating late can also cause Acid Reflux, Acid Reflux increases the risk of heart pain, which is a sharp pain in the middle of the chest!

You can also suffer from poor memory and low concentration levels, because irregular eating patterns affects the circadian system which in turn affects the brains ability to learn and memorize things.

Avoid Eating Late!!!

Content created and supplied by: Johnbrosko (via Opera News )



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