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How to overcome binge or emotional eating.

When it comes to binge eating or eating based on how you are feeling, a lot of people are very guilty of this. Usually, this happens when we are feeling a negative emotion but it can also happen when we are happy or excited. The science behind it is also related to drug and shopping addictions.

Anxiety or stress is one of the common traits in people who eat depending on their emotions. Also, when you eat sugary and fatty food, you do not feel full on time and this, in turn, causes you to eat more food than you intend to.

Some people also tend to binge eat whenever they are around family, friends or just people that they are very comfortable being with. There are also different levels as to how people binge eat and they do not all fit into the same category.

There are some healthy tips and advice that can help you stop emotional eating. It is important to know your body and your limit. For example, pack your snacks in smaller portions and store them in separate places if you know you would not be able to control yourself if you have access to the entire pack.

Meditation and Yoga have also been proven to help you become more mindful of what you eat. When your body and mind are relaxed, you will be able to make more conscious decisions and judgement on what is good for you and what is unhealthy or bad.

Another important thing to note is what could be the possible cause or trigger to your emotional eating. Once you have been able to trace the habits or places that cause this reaction, it is important to stay ready on how to avoid the temptation. Go along with your snacks and desserts if you feel the need to.

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