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Suffering From Bleeding Piles, No Need To Panic. Here Is The Simple Herbal Remedy For It.

Hemorrhoids which is also known as Piles, results when the anal canal become inflamed or swollen. However, there are certain factors which can cause or trigger the outbreak of Bleeding Piles. Inasmuch as Bleeding Piles is triggered by some factors, it is also good to know that it is capable of exhibiting some symptoms, so the patient will know how to start treating it. However, some of the symptoms of Bleeding Piles include the following; Itching, Pains, Bleeding, Skin irritation.

As Bleeding Piles has causes and symptoms, that is still how it has remedy. This can be done medically through English Doctors or in a herbal method.

How To Remedy Bleeding Piles.

This is the herbal method of curing Bleeding Piles. This is less expensive and easier to accomplish.

Ingredients: Scent Leaves, Palm oil, Lizard Egg, Bitter Leaves, water.


Step1: Assemble some quantities of Lizard eggs, fry the eggs with Palm oil until the eggs burst inside the frying pan.

Step2: Using water, squeeze scent leaves and bitter leaves to extract the greenish liquid.

Dosage: Stir the lizard eggs and apply inside the anus later at night, before bedtime.

Drink one glass of the liquid from the squeezed leaves. Take this for two times in a day. Complete the process for two weeks so as to get proper and better result. 

NOTE: The Lizard egg is to be warmed every morning, this is to prevent germs from inhabiting it. It is not to be consumed through the mouth. Also note that it is advisable to drink freshly prepared bitter leaves and scent leaves liquid.

In the absence of the aforementioned items, one can grind some Mango kernel and lick it two times in a day, completing it for one week. 

Content created and supplied by: Ruthsy (via Opera News )

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