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4 Benefits Of Taking A Long Walking

Walking as a physical activity has several health benefits to the human body irrespective of your age, gender, and station in life. Walking is a natural act and it is easy and naturally fits into our daily routines as humans. The simple task of walking around has numerous benefits.

Below are the 4 benefits of walking

1. Burning of Calories

Walking can help burn calories in the body and this can in turn either help you maintain your weight or lose weight. Several factors determine how many calories you burn and how quickly you burn them; these include, your walking speed, the distance you covered, your weight, and the terrain you walked. 

2. Strengthening of the heart

walking for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, every day of the week can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, and the more you walk, the more the risk decreases. 

3. Relieves Joint Pain

Walking can help protect the joints including your knees and hips; this is because walking helps lubricate and strengthens the muscles that support your joints. Walking is beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and it can even help prevent arthritis. 

4. Reduction of blood sugar

walking as physical activity can help reduce your blood sugar. Taking a walk after eating is beneficial to your body as it may help reduce your blood sugar. It is advisable to walk instead of lying down on your bed or couch after eating. 

Content created and supplied by: Dr.Ayo (via Opera News )



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