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2 Main Causes of Back Pain and Frequent Urination - How to Treat Them

Photo Credit: Healthline

According to healthline acute back pain, and lower back pain, can last for some days to weeks, with symptoms ranging from dull and aching to acute. Chronic back pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than three months. This type of pain frequently worsens with time. Chronic back discomfort is more difficult to diagnose.

When you have to urinate more frequently than is normal, it's called frequent urination. Your doctor will ask you a series of questions to try to figure out what's causing your back pain and frequent urination. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including renal and prostate problems, obesity, and, in exceptional cases, cancer.

Other symptoms that may accompany back pain and frequent urination .

You may also have the following symptoms if you have back pain and have to go to the bathroom a lot:

1. Urinary blood.

2. Cloudy urine.

3. Urge to urinate regularly.

4. Abdominal or groin pain.

5. Difficulty beginning or emptying the bladder.

6. Urinary discomfort or burning.

Back discomfort and frequent urination can be caused by a variety of factors, including: 

1. Kidney disorders.

Kidney disorders are one of the most common reasons for back discomfort and frequent urination. Kidneys are bean-shaped organs that are found in the lower back. Your blood is filtered, and waste items are excreted through urine. Back pain and frequent urination are two symptoms of kidney disease.

Your kidneys may be the source of back discomfort you're experiencing along your side or in the small of your back. The ache may travel to your middle abdomen at times. Lower back discomfort can be caused by kidney stones or stones in the ureter (the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder).

2. Prostate cancer.

When an infection causes your prostate to become uncomfortable and irritating, you have prostatitis or prostate gland inflammation. Lower back or rectal pain, as well as painful urination, painful ejaculation, pain around the scrotum and penis, muscular soreness, and weariness, can all be symptoms of the illness.

Other Causes of Back Pain and Frequent Urination.

Back pain and frequent urination can also be caused by:

1. Obesity.

2. Ovarian cysts.

3. Prostate or bladder cancer.

4. Ovarian or uterine cancer.

5. Pelvic abscess.

6. Cancer of the transitional cells (cancer of the renal pelvis and ureter).

7. Infection of the urinary tract (UTI).

8. Pregnancy.

How to treat back discomfort and frequent urination.

Back pain and frequent urination are treated differently depending on the reason and how long the symptoms last.

Infections that cause back discomfort and frequent urination may be treated with medicines or antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. They may also suggest over-the-counter pain medications and back-stretching and strengthening exercises. If you have stones, a tumor, or an abscess, surgery may be required.

Write-up Credits: Healthline.

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