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Soak Unripe Pawpaw In Cold Water For 4 Days, And Drink It To Cure This Infection

Soak unripe pawpaw in cold water for 4 days and drink it to cure this infection.

Right from the olden days when there were no orthodox medicines, it was herbs and other plants the men of those days used and it worked perfectly for them. There are many herbs that have been discovered that cures diseases today but so many people don’t know. The major problem many people now face today is the problem of ignorance.

Today, we will be dealing with how to use unripe pawpaw to cure ulcer. Ulcer is a very serious disease of the digestive track that affects a lot of people today. It is an internal injury that can be caused as a result of so many reasons.

The simple method of using unripe pawpaw to treat ulcer has been tested and it works perfectly.

But before I start, pregnant women should not try this because unripe pawpaw contains an enzyme which affects developing foetus in the womb.

You will need.

1.    Unripe pawpaw.

2.    Water.

3.    A container. A rubber water container will do.

How to prepare.

1.    Wash the unripe pawpaw thoroughly to remove dirt from it.

2.    Peel the unripe pawpaw and cut it into tiny pieces.

3.    Pour those tiny pieces of unripe pawpaw and put into that container. Add some quantity of water to the brim and cover for about four days.

4.    After the fourth day, you can filter out the water and drink.

You should drink one glass first thing in the morning and last thing before sleeping.

Take note, pregnant women should not try this because unripe pawpaw is even used by some people to commit abortion so be warned.

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