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Strong Herbal Remedy Against Staphylococcus, Infertility, Viral Infections You Should Know

I'm super glad to bring to your notice this morning the powerful health tips, how to use home remedy to treat infections, infertility,malaria,and cancer. I must recommend that herbal treatments are one of the best ways to treat diseases and some harmful infections in human body system. But we often especially this generation called ' Noodles generation' in Nigeria find it difficult to take because of its bitter taste , forgetting that its bitter taste make it the best medicinal.

Herbs don't have negative effects on the human body unlike some chemical drugs that causes reactions after taking.

Now, let me show you one of those herbs we used to treat infections, infertility in men and women, cancer, malaria and staphylococcus (Candida) are ;

1: Uziza leaves; it has a powerful health benefit such as, helping to improve fertility in men and women. It come with anti - bacteria minerals, capable of fighting diarrhea causing micro organisms ( infection) in the body.

2: papaya leaves (paw paw): is rich in protease and amylase, anti -inflammatory which capable of reducing the inflammation of stomach and colon.

3: Guava leaves; Rich in anti - Oxidants , Vitamins, excellent in fighting bacteria, and is a source of fertility boosting.

4: Soursop leaves: rich in anti - cancer that capable of battling with some cancers . capable of killing some cancer cells.

5: Bitter kola; It highly rated for battling with coughs, bacteria or Vita infections and also highly rich with anti - cancer.

6: Plain Honey (Optional but necessary).

Procedure to prepare the mixture;

1: Get your soursop, guava, uziza papaya leaves and wash thoroughly with clean water to avoid dirty.

2: Put all the leaves in a pot and add 1-2 liter of water ( depending on the quantity) .

3: Add about 3- 5 pieces of bitter kola inside the put with all the leaves together.

4: Boil for 30- 45 minutes till the water changes colour.

5: Sieve out the juice or leave it inside the put for every morning warming.


I cup, you can add 1-2 teaspoon of your plain honey to it , take it on empty stomach every morning.

1 cup at night, let it be the last thing you take before going to bed ). Take it for constant 2 weeks you will see the result yourself.

Note: Any person can take this herbs despite the person is not suffering from those diseases mentioned above, at least for prevention.

I Hope this information is useful, kindly like and share ,for the benefit of others, no one can tell, someone, somewhere might need this medicine, maybe you can save a life , just recommend this herbs to someone with all types of infections, staphylococcus, malaria, cancer, candida. Please don't ignore thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Nobletina (via Opera News )

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