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5 Signs That Show You Need To Get Tested For An STI

Getting tested for an STI or STD (Sexually transmitted infection/disease) is one effective way to prevent the spread after exposure . It helps for the proper treatment of affected persons. However, there are warning symptoms you must watch out for if you're unsure of your safety after intimacy.

According to Healthline, the incubation period of an STI is the period of days it takes for the infection to manifest its symptoms in affected persons. This affects the accuracy and quality of the test result.

Although some STIs do not show symptoms for many years, the following are general symptoms that indicate the need for you to undergo a test:

1. Bumps or growth around the genital area

2. New or unusual discharge from the genital area

3. Pain during intercourse or urination

4. Itching or burning around the genital

5. Odour from the genital before or after sex

It is important to note that a person can get a positive result from an STI test with no manifestation of symptoms. This implies that it can sometimes appear to be hidden and you might not always rely on symptoms before getting tested.

How Do I Know When I Need To Get Tested?

Since your STI status does not necessarily depend on the general symptoms, you should get tested for an STI if:

• You had an unprotected sex

• You're sexually active

• You're unsure of your partner's status

Importance Of Getting Tested

• Some infections are treated easily when they are diagnosed very early

• Early diagnosis or testing helps to prevent the spread of infection

• You might have an STI without knowing. Getting tested helps to expose the infection

• Untreated infections can lead to severe disease such as cancer. It is advisable to get tested and begin treatment immediately.

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