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Medical Effects Of Having Too Much Sex With Your Partner

According to articles published by Healthline and MedicalNewsToday, being close to your partner is great because it strengthens your relationship. Negative consequences are scary because they are the result of too much. Despite the health benefits, there are negative effects when intimacy occurs regularly. You need to see your partner for a short time to avoid health problems. Body language can tell if you're doing too much, so pay attention.

According to MedicalNewsToday, this article looks at 5 negative effects of always being too intimate with your partner.

1. Inflammation

Women can have scratches. It appears as a result of lesions of the vulvar skin caused by s€xually transmitted diseases. Women may experience pain when urinating and swelling of the intimate area.

2. Back pain

Back pain can be the result of too much intimacy. This can happen when the back is overloaded. This can be a big problem if you don't take precautions.

3. Addiction

Spending too much time with your spouse increases the chances of intimacy addiction. A person who worries about someone's privacy can destroy a relationship. Even if your partner says they want to avoid intimacy, you can't ignore it.

4. Increased risk of urinary tract infection

Women who have been romantically involved with more than one person are more likely to get a urinary tract infection. Regular exercise of s€x can lead to urinary tract infections.

5. Ignition

If an intimate person is with your partner all the time, your genitals can become inflamed. The pain can last for hours or days. You and your partner should discuss how often you can have s€x.

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