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Opinion: 7 Reasons Thugs in Lagos State cannot be gotten rid of

Many a people have made thuggery a very bad thing in Lagos State, due to the way they have always been oppressed by these thugs.

These thugs might have oppressed, be oppressing and continue to oppress the people of Lagos State and those who came visiting but, what is definitely right is that; these thugs also have things they do to help the people of Lagos State in their time of need.

So getting rid of them will be difficult, here are 7 reasons they cannot be be get rid of.

1. They secured the area they are from external bodies who wants to harm the people

Although they might be dangerous sometimes to the people of the area they are in but, they never allow external oppressors to come and harm the people in any possible way.

2. Help the community for some public works

Like blocking a flooded area, finding passage for a flooded area and making sure the people do not pass through a dangerous area or when a building collapse, they are always the first at the scene to help trapped individuals. Some of these thugs help the community during difficult times that affects the whole community.

3. Creating a form of Entertainment for the community yearly

Although this usually be a joint collaboration between the people in the community and some pf these thugs. Entertainment such as; street carnival, yearly parties, etc, these form of entertainment brings a relief to the people of the community.

4. Protecting the community in a way they think is best.

They protect the people of the community from armed robbers, kidnappers in a way they think is best, which might not always be comfortable with the people of the community. Though they might not be able to protect everyone but they try in their little way.

5. Poverty

So far there is still poverty in the land, thugs will keep emerging from each community, as many young male and female in the society will keep emerging, as most will go to the extreme to make ends meet.

6. Rumor has it Politicians use them for elections.

Rumors are always swelling around that Politicians use these thugs during elections for their own benefit and give them (the thugs) little sum of money.

7. Some of these thugs help other young boys and girls in the community secure connections in high position to better their lives, because they have connections with some people in high places.

Most of these reasons apply to the thugs in Lagos State.

Content created and supplied by: Baammy (via Opera News )

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