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What you may notice when your immune system is weak

Your immune system helps you stay healthy and fight off infections. When your immune system is weak, you will notice a few things.

Here are some signs that your immune system is weak, according to Medicalnewstoday:

1. You will have a lot of problems with infections. People with low immunity are more likely to get pneumonia, meningitis, bronchitis, and skin infections.

You are more likely to get autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Celiac disease, and Rheumatoid arthritis.

3. The organs inside your body will be inflamed.

4. You may have problems with your blood, like anaemia. This happens because your immune system and your circulatory system don't work well together.

5. You will take care of digestive problems that could hurt the health of your stomach. They include diarrhoea, not wanting to eat, and stomach pain.

6. Slow growth and development in babies and young children.

To make your immune system stronger, you should eat certain foods, take certain medications, and live healthily.

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