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See the vegetable leaves that cure almost all these diseases

SCIENTIFIC NAME : Jatropha tajorensis

FAMILY : Euphorbiaceae

COMMON NAMES :Catholic vegetable,

 Iyana-Ipaja (Yoruba), Ugu-Oyibo (Igbo),

This vegetable is planted and consumed by indegenes of Southern Nigeria.

The importance of this vegetable to human nutrition and wellness is still not fully harnessed and given its due place.

 It is still one of nature’s underutilized herbs in this part of the world.

 Enumerating them one after the other would create the impression that this vegetable is almost a cure-all.

Let us look at  6 health benefits of consuming “hospital too far” just to buttress its medicinal values.

1. As a SUPER ANTIOXIDANT herb, Jatropha tajorensis is good at preventing the onset of degenerative diseases; 

it is excellent in knocking off free radicals and stemming the harm on vital organs resulting from oxidative stress.

2. It is beneficial in the treatment of DIABETES MELLITUS and this is due to its confirmed HYPOGLYCEMIC action.

3. This vegetable is useful in the treatment of MALARIA.

4. Many patients have benefited in using this plant to manage their HYPERTENSION health challenges.

5. Jatropha tajorensis is an excellent BLOOD BUILDING herb and as such can be recommended to treat ANEMIA in young and old.

6. It supports SPERMATOGENESIS (formation of sperm cells in the testes) .

Big things and big results always lie in “small” things. When we start paying attention to these “small” things in our immediate environment we start achieving BIG RESULTS 

God as endowed us so much with natural resources .

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