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Here are Foods You May be Allergic to That Causes Your Throat to Itch

Have you ever eaten a fruit or vegetable and noticed that your tongue/throat feels itchy or tingly? If you have seasonal allergies or “hay fever”, you may be experiencing a common phenomenon called oral allergy syndrome (OAS). Sometimes our bodies get confused and think that the protein of certain fruits and vegetables look exactly the same as a tree, weed, or grass pollen. This is called cross-reactivity. When this happens, our body starts to treat that fruit/vegetable like an allergy, causing your throat or mouth to itch within a few minutes after eating. Any time people eat, they come in contact with substances that could trigger allergic reactions. Although people can have these reactions due to many foods, just a handful of foods cause most allergies.

If you have oral allergy syndrome, you can avoid eating these raw foods, especially during allergy seasons. You can also bake or microwave the food to weaken the proteins, or eat the canned version of the food. Also, peeling the food before eating may be helpful, as the offending protein is often concentrated in the skin of the fruit/vegetables.

Most food allergies are caused by these foods: Milk, eggs, wheat, soy milk, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish. Eggs, milk, and peanuts are the most common causes of food allergies in children. Many children “outgrow” their allergies. But some food allergies may be lifelong.

Source: Allergy Associate of La Crosse

Fruits and Vegetable Allergies; Also, some fruits and vegetables. Examples are apples, carrots, cherries, banana, pears, plum, tomatoes, etc. Apart from itchy ears, symptoms of oral allergy syndrome are an itchy mouth, Scratchy throat, Swollen tongue, mouth, and throat.

Treating food allergies

(1) If you discover that you are allergic to a particular food, see an allergist.

(2) After identifying the food, stay as far away as you can from it.

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