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Alcoholic Facts For Men and Women

Our bodies eliminate alcohol at an average rate of .015%per hour. Nothing speeds up this process of eliminating alcohol ( not exercise, coffee, or cold showers. They may wake a person up , but they do not reduce alcohol level .

The body removes approximately one drink an hour. A person who drinks slowly ( about one drink an hour ) will not become significantly intoxicated .

Generally, if a woman drinks the same amount of alcohol as a man of the same weight does, a woman will have a higher Blood Alcohol Concentration than the man. Alcohol saturates all water bearing tissue (primarily muscle tissue ) in our bodies. Because men tend to have more muscle tissue than women, a dose of alcohol is more diluted in a man, and more concentrated in a woman.

The legal limit for drunk driving varies from .08% to .10% Blood Alcohol Concentrated for adults. Federal regulations prohibit safety sensitive employees from working with alcohol level of .02% Blood Alcohol Concentration or greater.

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