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8 Signs to know you are Suffering from Depression

Depression is the mental state of mind producing serious long-term lowering of full enjoyment of life and future happiness. Depression kills faster than death itself because it can actually lead to early death otherwise known as "suicide".

These 8 signs will tell you if you are suffering from depression;

1.Sadness: When you are suffering from depression, you are always sad, unhappy and other times bitter. You experience this feeling of dryness, emptiness and this longing to be loved.

2. Frustrated : If you are suffering from depression, you always feel frustrated. There's this feeling of hatred for yourself and for the world, it is as if nothing seems to be right, you get this feeling that the world is against you, everything you do just seems to go wrong.

3. Loneliness : Depression comes with loneliness, this feeling of wanting to be alone, self isolation, you feel empty, there's this void inside that longs to be filled. You feel all alone in the world, just want to be left alone, always moody, sorrowful and spends more time regretting why you were born.

4. Easily Irritated : Nothing seems to amuse you, you are easily irritated even by the very things you once loved, you feel irritated even by your very loved ones. Nothing in life seems to make sense to you, life seems so boring and uninteresting. You don't find Joy in anything you do, neither does anything done by others catches your fancy.

5. Alcoholic : Depression can push you to becoming an alcoholic, and it will make you feel as if that's the only way out, but it is actually killing you. It can push you into doing drugs, hard drugs.

7. Self pity :When you are depressed, you actually find yourself in this level of "Self Pity". You always play the defensive, just because you don't want people to hurt you, you always feel unloved, nobody cares, you're all alone in the world, sometimes you wish you were not even born. You are always restricted, refrain from mingling with people, have this feeling of inferiority complex, you feel you have failed, you have nothing to offer to the world, you're just a mistake, so many thoughts like that starts running through your mind.

8. Suicidal thoughts : This is the peak of depression, and it is as a result of sadness, frustration, loneliness, alcoholism and self pity which were not properly handled that results to attempted suicide or suicide in its real sense. We hear of people waking up, taking a walk to the bridge and jumping into the lagoon, that action has already taken place in the mind of that individual before it was finally carried out . People don't just wake up one day and commit suicide, suicide is actually a seed of depression that is being cultivated and later grew to the level of suicide.

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