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Why Doctors Wear Blue or Green Gown In The Operating Room

Have you ever wondered why doctors wear either green or blue overalls in the operating room but never white ones? You don’ t have to be concerned because I will cover that in this article.

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The gown doctors and surgeons wear during an operation is known as SCRUBS. In the twentieth century, doctors and surgeons wear white scrubs during operation because it is a sign of cleanliness. But things changed when a famous doctors changed the colour of his clothes to green, and subsequently blue during operation.When he was asked why he changed the colour of his clothes. He gave his reason which seems to be the reason why doctors wear blue or green clothes till today.

1. surgeons realized that their white uniforms compromise their surgical operations and harm their vision as they treat the patients. As white color can blind surgeons for several moments if they shift their gaze from the dark color of blood to the scrubs of their colleagues. The same effect occurs when you first go outside in winter and see the sunlight reflected off snow. Moreover, shifting from dark red to clear white frequently even caused headaches among surgeons.

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2.The fact is that green and blue are the opposite of red on the spectrum of visual light, and during an operation a surgeon work with blood for long, which is red colors. Because of this, the green and blue colors of their clothes not only help to improve a surgeon’s visual acuity but also make them more sensitive to different shades of red. Consequently, it helps them pay greater attention to the human anatomy, which significantly reduces the likelihood that they’ll make a mistake during an operation.

That is the reasons doctors wears a green or blue gown during surgery.

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