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Teen Depression-How To Cope

The diagnosis of depression among the young appears to be increasing at an alarming rate ,and depression is "the predominant cause of illness and disability for both boys and girls aged 10 to 19 years,"says the World Health Organization (WHO).The symptoms of depression can appear during adolescence and may include changes in sleep patterns, appetite,and weight . Feelings of despair ,hopelessness , sadness,and worthlessness may also appear .Other signs include social withdrawal, trouble concentrating or remembering, suicidal thoughts or actions,and medically unexplained symptoms.When mental-health professionals suspect depression,they usually look for groups of symptoms that persist for weeks and that disrupts a person's everyday life.

Some Warning Signs of Mental Disorders

•Prolonged sadness or irritability

•Social withdrawal

•Extreme emotional highs and lows

•Excessive anger

•Violent behavior

•Substance abuse

•Excessive fears,worries, and anxieties

•Abnormal fear of weight gain

•Significant change in eating or sleeping habits

•Persistent nightmares

•Confused thinking

•Delusions or hallucinations

•Thoughts of death or suicide

•Inability to cope with problems and daily activities

•Denial of obvious problems

•Numerous unexplained physical aliments


According to WHO,"depressed results from a complex interaction of social , psychological and biological factors." These may include the following.

Physical factors: Depression often runs in families,suggesting that genetics can play a role, perhaps affecting chemical activity in the brain.Other physical risk factors include cardiovascular disease and changing hormone levels,as well as on going substance abuse ,which may intensify depression,if not give rise to it .

Stress: While a little stress can be healthy, chronic or excessive stress can be physically and psychologically harmful, sometimes to the point of plunging a susceptible,or biologically vulnerable,teen into depression,That said ,the exact causes of depression remain unclear and may involve a combination of factors, as mentioned earlier.

STRESS- related factors linked to depression may include parental divorce or separation,the death of a loved one, physical or sexual abuse , a serious accident,illness, or a learning disability-especially if a child feels rejected as a result.A related factor maybe unrealistically high parental expectations, perhaps in regard to scholastic achievement.Other possible causes are bullying ,uncertainty about the future, emotional estrangement by a depressed parent, and parental unpredictability.If depression results,what may help a teen to cope?.


Moderate to severe depression is usually managed with medication and counseling by a mental-health professionals.

If you suffer from depression ,take reasonable measures to care for your physically and mentally health.For instance,eat wholesome meals,get sufficient sleep,and exercise regularly.

Get sufficient sleep

Exercise releases chemicals that can lift your mood , increase your energy,and improve your sleep .If possible,try to recognize triggers and early warning signs of a depressive mood and create a suitable plan of action.

Exercise regularly

Confide in someone you trust , A supportive network of close family members and friends may help you cope more effectively with your depression, possibly reducing symptoms.Record your thoughts.

What Parents Can Do

1-Recognize that depressed teens may find it hard to express their feelings or may not understand what is happening to them.They may not even be aware of the symptoms of depression.

2-Teens tend to express their depression in ways different from those of adults,so be alert to major changes in your child's behavior,eating habits,moods, sleep patterns, or social interactions-especially if the changes persists for weeks.

3-Take seriously any comments or hints regarding suicide.

4-If you suspect depression (no just the blues), consider getting a professional diagnosis.

5-Help your teen adhere to the doctor's prescribed treatment,and consult the doctor if you see no improvement or observe unpleasant side effects .

6-Maintain good communication with your teen,and help him or her to deal with any stigma associated with depression.

7-Have a stable family routine for eating, exercising,and sleeping.

8-Because depression can make one feel alone ,ashamed,or worthless, regularly reassure your teen of your love .


If you suffer from depression,a practical suggestion to help you control your thoughts and feelings is to create what has been called an emotional first aid kit.

The kit include:

1-Contact information of people to call when you feel down.

2-A journal containing your positive thoughts as well as positive experiences you have enjoyed.

3-Mementos to remind you of people who love you .

4-Favorite songs that are positive and up building.

5-Inspirational sayings and encouraging articles.

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