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Doctor gives reasons why many private hospitals insist on collecting money before treating patients

A medical doctor has given reasons why many private hospitals insist on collecting money before any patients brought to the facilities are given treatment.

He said some family members of the patients always become something else and even become aggressive when money is demanded after treatment of the patients.

The medical doctor, whose Twitter handle is @Drvoke1, disclosed in a tweet that he was always initially angry anytime he heard about pay before service policy in private hospitals until he started practicing in one of them and saw the attitude of family members of patients after treatment.

(Caption): The medical doctor who wrote about the matter. Photo taken from his Twitter handle DP

According to him, he observed that anytime a patient is treated and he or she recovers, whenever it is time to make payment, some family members of the patients usually become something else, sometimes getting angry while some will not even pay, giving various excuses.

In fact, according to him, some family members of the patients are ready to shut down the hospitals if the doctor insists on paying the treatment fees before the patients are discharged, adding that this has led to confusion and even violence in some of the private hospitals.

He added that since these private hospitals rely only on the money realized from the treatment of patients to pay salaries, buy drugs and other things necessary for the running of the hospitals, many of the private hospitals have no choice but to demand for payment before they begin treatment.

Below are screenshots of some of the tweets by the doctor on the issue:

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