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6 Factors That Make Some People Develop Bowlegs

A bowleg is an outward curvature of the lower leg, either at the knee or below it, caused by a physical abnormality. Their legs are curved outwards, which may be seen when they walk or stand. Healthline reports that there are a number of potential causes for this congenital defect. Bowlegs can be fixed with surgery. Some persons get a bowleg due to the following factors:

1. The front section of the leg, which is located between the knee and the ankle, may develop incorrectly in some persons from birth throughout their childhood. Because of this, they have bowlegs, and the problem gets worse as they get older. They'll hide their birth defect well into adulthood. Most persons with bowlegs will have some sort of joint pain at some point in their lives.

Second, a child shouldn't begin walking before their developmental age. Without this, they risk developing bowlegs. At the very least, a year should pass between the introduction of sitting up and the introduction of walking. Bowlegs are common in children who start walking before their peers.

Third, when a fetus is born after being squeezed in its mother's womb, the baby will have bowlegs. There isn't enough room for the fetus to fully extend its legs during development, therefore the legs are shorter than normal at birth.

When some infants learn to walk, their legs automatically begin to straighten. Two years of age is the cutoff for bowlegs, so if your child still has one at that age, it's time to see the doctor.

4. Bowlegs are a symptom of a disease that affects a person's bones as they age and result in the development of the condition. Leg abnormalities are occasionally the result of extensive bone injury. It is referred to as Paget's disease.

5. Some people are born with bowlegs because their bodies were unable to produce enough vitamin D during childhood. This leads to a faulty metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in their bones.

Bowlegs are the result of aberrant bone development that occurs after a fractured leg is allowed to heal too quickly.

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