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Five Major cancer Developed By Women

The most of the disease which previously kill people in infancy , childhood and adolescence have come under control , the cancers which afflict older people have come under increasing investigation and study.

This post Is sensible and timely , and if women followed it , would lead to a reduction in the death which occur from cancer , only by early detection and proper treatment can the fatal outcome of cancer be prevented , An ounce of prevention is far more valuable than a pound of attempted cure.

cancer of the breast.

The early Sign of cancer of the breast is a small , rounded painless lump . only one lump in every five found in the breast is due to cancer , but every lump is suspect .

A women always discuss her treatment with a surgeon if a sample of a lump in the breast shows that she has cancer . Always examine your body and go for regular medical checkup .

cancer of the uterine cervix

it is unfortunate that by the time cancer if the cervix is visible to the naked eye , it is so far advance that no matter what treatment is given , one woman in every five will be dead within five years.

There is evidence that cancer of the cervix is related in son way to intercourse . Many women who have abnormal cell, and many intercourse partner are always at high risk of getting infected .

cancer of the endometrium

The endometrium is the lining of the womb , and cancer can develop in it . it is sometimes called cancer of the body of the uterus , Endometrial cancer occurs nearly as frequent as cancer of the cervix but affect women who are rather older , usually aged 50 and 60

cancer of the ovaries

About 5 per cent of all cancers which develop in women are cancer of the ovaries , and these account for 10 per cent of the genital tract .in all cases the first sign is enlargement of the ovary which can be detected on pelvic examination , but 95 percent of ovarian enlargement is non cancerous and 5 per cent are due to caner .

cancer of the vulva

This I relative rare form of cancer found principally in old women and preceded by a vulval itch , usually a long duration Any elderly woman who have itching vulva which persist should seek for medical attention immediately.

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