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How Millet May Lower Cholesterol Level

Millet has been shown to be beneficial for people who are suffering from diabetes. It contains fibre that passes through the gut undigested so that it can reduce the amount of carbohydrate you consume. It does this by promoting satiety, which is a state of becoming satisfied with food. Millet also has low glycemic index (GI). Note that GI tells how fast your blood sugar level will rise when you consume a food that contains carbohydrate. Now, even though millet contains carbohydrate, it may not cause spike in blood sugar level because the GI is low. Further researches suggest that the food may lower cholesterol level. This article will talk more about this benefit.

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For starters, cholesterol is not completely unhealthy. In fact, it results from the activities of the liver. The liver makes cholesterol and releases it into the bloodstream to help the heart to perform its functions. It is however alarming and worrisome that cholesterol exists in two forms. There is high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol that benefits the heart, and there is low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol that does little to protect the heart. Consuming millet may help to strike a balance between the two forms of cholesterol.

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But before that, there is a condition that is known as coronary artery disease. This condition is characterized by the accumulation of fatty deposits in the artery that takes blood to the myocardium. Failing to strike a balance between the two forms of cholesterol can cause blockage of the said artery and will lead to coronary artery disease. Fortunately, the fibre content of millet can form a gel-like substance in the gut that will collect fats so that the level of cholesterol does not rise. (According To Healthline, On The 13th Of September, 2022, "Millets contain soluble fiber, which produces a viscous substance in your gut. In turn, this traps fats and helps reduce cholesterol levels.")

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Therefore, you should consider adding millet to your diet to enjoy this benefit.

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