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17 Signs that a woman's womb is about to block

When a woman's womb is about to block, she feels ill and general discomfort, accompany with many symptoms.

1. She notices and feels abdominal pains which is worse on movement.

2. Her pulse and temperature will rise.

3. There may be vomiting at the beginning of the tubal inflammation.

4. She sleeps badly.

5. She looses appetite.

6. Her menstrual cycle will be upset and produce irregular bleeding.

7. There is difficulty or pain in coitus (during sex).

8. There may be constipation of the bowels.

9. The tongue may be dry but not usually furred.

10. The menstrual loss is often heavy and is preceded by pain in the back and lower abdomen, and last through out each period.

11. Pain all over her pelvis and around the hips and groin which worsen instead of subsiding after using pain killer.

12. In addition to menstrual pain there is often continuing dull pain or arching in the lower abdomen and the back.

13. Rigors may occur as temperature and pulse rate continue to rise.

14. Mucous or purulent discharge from the vagina. Once the ends of the tubes are closing or closed, in most cases pus collect in the tubes and may be discharged through the vagina.

15. There may be foul breath(smelling).

16. There will be nausea.

17. Daily task becomes burden.

Appendix is one of the major causes of infertility and barrenness in women as a result of blocked womb. When it is infected and there is delay in removal, it may infect the right fallopian tube and the ovary, leading to infertility and barrenness.

When one notice these signs, it is advised to see ones doctor to take treatment. Delay is dangerous. Meet your doctor and see things out. There may be a solution to it. For more information like and comment.

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