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Pregnancy period

Stop doing this if you are an expectant mother to avoid miscarriage

The period of pregnancy is a period in which women must take caution to avoid miscarriage. There is a mounting evidence that the amount of caffeine a person consumes may directly impact the health of many expectant mothers. With caffeine or caffeine containing beverages, a lower risk of ovarian cancer has been reported with increasing intake of caffeine in women. In the same line of study, it was discovered too, that current or past smoking or drinking alcohol did not seem to effect overall ovarian cancer risk, though cigarettes seemed to raise the likelihood of one rare form of the disease. Risk also declined the more total caffeine and coffee a woman consumed. Decaffeinated coffee has no apparent benefit. But for pregnant women, caffeine may prove harmful. They said that pregnant women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day twice the risk of having a miscarriage as those who avoided caffeine.

Advice: Women who are pregnant or are actively seeking to become pregnant should stop drinking coffee for three months or hopefully throughout the pregnancy.

Warning: This risk of lower ovarian cancer appeared to be related to caffeine, rather than other chemicals in coffee because they also saw an increased risk when the caffeine was consumed in soda,tea and hot chocolate.

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