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How to use pawpaw for the treatment of worms and severe coccidiosis in your poultry


Get ripe pawpaw and cut it into small pieces give them very early in the morning before giving them their feed

Squeeze bitter leaf and sieve the water and give them ,it also deals with other sickness and infections, give them for three days they will be OK

Pawpaw leaf blend it and sieve give them the juice for 3 days it really works since I started organic method on my birds they are doing well

Prepare Alovera solution for them, you will come back to thank me.

This is for severe cocci...

1. Mix bitter leaf juice, garlic, scent leave, lime juice and grinded cayenne pepper (this is required for severe coccidiosis that has defied other medications) 


2. Blend Garlic and ginger and mix in their water (very simple but works wonders. Fights several bacterial infections too, and may likely prevent other diseases like CRD)


3. Bitter leaf juice ( strictly for coccidiosis in its early stage but must be administered till symptom disappears)

To treat CRD

Blend garlic, ginger, moringa seed or leave. Get aloe vera leave, extract the gel and mix in water.

Note: in the case of regular organic treatment of coccidiosis with ginger and garlic, CRD may not surface. So, it means garlic gives multiple benefits due to its strong antibacterial component. Killing several birds with a stone.

For antibiotics,

Blend Garlic bulbs and put in their water. Administer for 3-5 days. This will flush out every bacterial infection.

But of course, treating coccidiosis with ginger and garlic might have also covered the treatment for bacterial infection. 

This is why organic treatment is very very affordable, a way of maximizing profit in poultry farming.

Content created and supplied by: Aliyyahbaby (via Opera News )



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